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What does wisconsin want?

What does Wisconsin Want?

We talk to reproductive rights journalist and author, Rebecca Grant, about her Peabody Award-winning episode of This American Life and her new book BIRTH: Three Mothers, Nine Months, and Pregnancy in America.

Then we welcome back CJ Szafier to talk about IRG’s new report on What Wisconsin Wants.

Guests: CJ Szafir, Rebecca Grant

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Pregnancy In America with Guest Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant is a journalist and author covering reproductive rights since 2015. She has written for New York Magazine, Undark, Mother Jones, Huffington Post Highline, The Washington Post, NPR, Vice, (the list goes on and on) and her first book just came out:  BIRTH: Three Mothers, Nine Months, and Pregnancy in America 

She also contributed to a PEABODY award-winning episode of This American Life: The Pill Smuggler Act Five of The Pink House at the Center of the World.

What Wisconsin Wants with CJ Szafier

After visiting 25 cities, convening 42 listening sessions, and driving 5,367 miles across Wisconsin, Institute for Reforming Government released its first-ever community engagement report, What Wisconsin Wants, to showcase the lessons, insights, and stories learned from IRG’s extensive travels and conversations.

IRG President, CJ Szafier, joins to discuss the project and the findings, and the overlap between what politicians talk about, what the media talks about, and what people are actually worried about. 

Read the report: What Wisconsin Wants

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