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recognition for mental health professors

Universal Recognition for Mental Health Professionals

Benjamin Garbedian joins to talk about his very obvious solution to our mental health professionals shortage. Read more about it in his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed.

Then Aaron Vivian, assistant director of Camp To Belong, joins to talk about the new Milwaukee camp session for siblings split up by the foster care system.

Guests: Aaron Vivian, Benjamin Garbedian

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Much-Needed Mental Health Updates

What if there was a faster, cheaper way to begin to address the mental health professional shortage we are experiencing in Wisconsin? 

Benjamin Gar-Beadian, senior at Carroll University and Hamilton Roddis Student Fellow at the Institute for Reforming Government, joins to discuss his most recent op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Simple licensing change could help ease shortage of mental health professionals in Wisconsin. It was an illuminating conversation not only about what feels like a policy change that should have bipartisan support but also insight into what’s going on with young people’s mental health. 

Spoiler: it might not be that their mental health is that much worse than generations prior, they may just have better language to actually express what’s going on with their mental health.

Camp To Belong

Camp to Belong -Wisconsin (CTB-WI) has been reuniting brothers and sisters who have been separated within the welfare system since 2015. The organization’s mission is to facilitate the building and maintaining of connections between separated siblings through various programs. Its main program is a summer camp, where children placed in out-of-home care can be with their biological siblings to create shared memories and connections.

Besides reuniting siblings, CTB-WI also aims to educate those who work with children in the child welfare system, including social workers, foster care coordinators, judges, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Guardians ad Litems, public defenders, legislators, administrators, foster parents, parents, relatives, children, and youth, about the importance of sibling connections. The organization’s ultimate goal is to create a world where siblings are never separated.

Assistant Director of Camp to Belong, Aaron Vivian, joins to tell us about the camp’s mission, and origin, and how they need volunteers like YOU to help kick off their first-ever Milwaukee area camp this summer. 

Learn more about how you can volunteer to be a camp counselor.

Three Headlines and A Lie

Three of these headlines are real and one is faker than the window of time your landlord gave you for the water heater repairman to show up. Can you spot the odd one out? (courtesy of Morning Brew)

  1. They escaped from jail using a toothbrush—then were captured at an IHOP
  2. Electric scooter startup will use AI to detect how scared you are while riding
  3. Two US mothers sue hospitals over drug tests after eating poppy seed bagels
  4. MSCHF made a free dating simulator that can prepare your federal taxes

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