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TikTok v. Democracy

TikTok v. Democracy

Curbing election misinformation via TikTok, the generational influence of music videos, Wisconsin in the wild and the stark difference between Gubernatorial candidates.

Hour 1
  • As Goes Wisconsin sits down with new weekly co-host Greg Bach to discuss a slightly sad (and equally hilarious) “friendzone” mishap at Monday night’s Brewer game. Kristin and Greg further dissect the deeper meaning of “friendzoning.” Regardless, sorry Mark!
  • Ahead of the fast-approaching midterm election, TikTok’s growing platform continues to spread misinformation among U.S voters. But, who’s responsible for this misleading content? What’s the solution?
Hour 2
  • Did video really kill the radio star? Maybe. Jane shares a fun story about her recent experience with a popular music video and the generational influence of music videos.
  • New segment: Wisconsin in the Wild. How did the crew rate the FX vampire comedy “What happens in the shadows???”’s take on our Wisconsin accent?
Hour 3
  • There’s a stark difference between the current gubernatorial candidates, Tim Michels and Tony Evers. Let’s just say, there’s no doubt these two intend to put their money where their mouth is.

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