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One week left until spring election

Things Are Getting Ugly With One Week Left

Will this op-ed written by Judge Ellen Brostrom (and daughter of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack) make a difference to any voters with just 8 days left till the election?

Then we talk about

And, Waukesha! Congrats on going viral. It may not be for something you wanted to go viral for though.

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Another Daming Op-Ed About Dan Kelly

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Ellen Brostrom, penned a pretty damning op-ed about Dan Kelly in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today. Which, maybe if it was just another random judge, wouldn’t carry that much weight. But Ellen Brostrom is Justice Pat Roggensack’s daughter – the Justice whose vacancy Dan Kelly and Judge Kanet Protasiewicz are running for. 

The op-ed does not mince words as to why Brostrom feels Kelly is unfit to serve. She literally uses “unfit” 3 times in an op-ed that’s less than 600 words.

  1. “I am writing to share my opinion that former Justice Dan Kelly is unfit to occupy her seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”
  2. “Kelly assisted in this scheme, and that makes him unfit to serve on our state’s highest court.”
  3. “Kelly is unfit to serve on our highest court. I hope you join me in voting for Janet Protasiewicz on April 4.”

But the question is, does this move the needle at all ahead of next week’s election?

Things Are Getting Ugly

Here are some of the stories that have popped up over the last week that make us truly want this election cycle to be over: 

You Heard it Here First

Last week we tried to break the news of a Waukesha Elementary School veto-ing 1st graders from singing Rainblowland, by Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton, at their spring concert. And, well, that story has blown up since then… here is a list of the coverage we could find with a simple google surge: 

Still no word on whether or not the school will reverse its decision.

Reminder! 8 Days Until the Spring Election!

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