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There’s only 1 new car left under $20k

There’s only 1 new car left under $20k

Cox Automotive found the Mitsubishi Mirage was the only new model going for less than $20,000 last month. A middle-of-the-road new car cost over $48,000 in July, up 30% since 2019. And used cars were no better. The average July price was $27,000, also a 30% hike from 2019. We spend the first half of the show talking about what we spent on our cars and how feasible it is to budget for cars that cost this much. Then we recombobulate with Dan Shafer ahead of tomorrow’s Republican debate. Things he is looking for when he attends the debate?

  • How will candidates talk about Milwaukee and Wisconsin?
  • How will Milwaukee react to the spectacle and the spotlight?
  • Can DeSantis turn it around?
  • Will this be the moment for any other candidates break through?
  • The Trump of it all.
Guest: Dan Shafer

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