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sharing economy in madison

There’s a Sharing Economy in Madison

Of course, Madison of all places would have an underground sharing economy. We talk to freelance journalist Kat Cisar on her special report for the Cap Times: How to ‘buy nothing’ and join Madison’s sharing economy

And Kristin defends her decision to pay for Twitter Blue.

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An Economy That Runs on Reciprocity, Time And Generosity

Tired of buying stuff brand new? Facebook marketplace got you down? Have you thought about seeing if people in your community have joined the Buy nothing economy? 

We talk to a freelance journalist, Kat Cisar, about her new special report for The Cap Times: How to ‘buy nothing’ and join Madison’s sharing economy

Turns out, it’s not just about saving money but also being more conscious about how much you consume, what can be reused, and what can find a new home in a faster more efficient way than just dumping it at Goodwill. 
You can find Kat’s substack here: Curb Alert.

Twitter Blue Confession

Kristin admits to paying for Twitter Blue despite the fact that the blue checkmark really does feel more like a Scarlet Letter these days.

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