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The Old Wisconsin Tradition of Smelting

The Old Wisconsin Tradition of Smelting

Is it rude to tell someone they look like someone else? Is it “Fifty Cent” or “Fiddy Cent”? We talk more about 2023 etiquette. Then we reflect on our time as Girl Scouts and we close out the show talking to WAUK Account Executive Johnny Watermelen who explains the tradition of “smelting” to Jane and Kristin.

Are you offended when someone says you look like someone else?

We return to a periodic discussion over the different Dos and Donts dictated by New York Magazine from February. Today we discussed: 

  • Whether or not its polite to tell people that they look like other people.  And have a brief discussion on how much Kristin got “Julia Roberts” when she was young. Here is the proof
  • If you are white, how should you pronounce “50 Cent”?
  • What is the best way to exit a conversation at a party that has run its course? 
  • How do you handle yourself when being introduced to a famous person… since that happens so often in Wisconsin.

Girl Scout Cookies are officially back

While we have been getting emails from parents about ordering their kid’s Girl Scout Cookies since February 1st, the in-person sales actually start tomorrow March 4th.  

Speaking of parents sending work emails to boost their kids’ sales…. Please Stop. Make them come to your office and actually sell to your coworkers. 

If you don’t have any Girl Scouts in your life, you can order cookies at OR text COOKIES to 59618 to find booths near you.

It also turns out that there was some drama with the new Raspberry Rally cookie that will no longer be available in Wisconsin.

Johnny Watermelen Explains Smelting

WAUK Account Executive, Johnny Watermelen, joins the last segment of the show to talk to us about his memories of smelting.  We can’t even summarize it, you just have to listen. 

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