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“The kids are alright”

09.15.2022 – “The boys are alright”

Brett Favre is under fire.  Dr. Mike fixes your life and your lineup.  Food Apartheids. 350 Wisconsin.

04:14 – Brett Favre didn’t take a knee but he did take $5,000,000

  • Brett Favre didn’t take a knee but he did take $5,000,000

25:42 – Dr. Mike fixes your life and your lineup

  • Psychologist and co-founder of Wanderlust Careers answer viewer questions about career, life, relationships, and of course, your fantasy football lineup.

45:08 – Food Apartheid

  • Policy-focused dietitian, Danielle Nabak explains what a food desert may mean for Americans.

1:05 – Ignite the Spirit Firetruck Pull

  • Ignite the Spirit co-founder Joe Flick talks about raising funds for firefighters through a variety of events, including pulling a 60,000 lb firetruck.

1:29 – 350 Wisconsin Action

  • Emily Park and Chris Unterberger share the goals of 350 Wisconsin amidst a climate crisis.
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