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biggest lobbyists in wisconsin

The Biggest Lobbyists in Wisconsin

Thanks for the memories, Aaron Rodgers. Can the Bucks make a comeback against the Heat? And then Peter Cameron from The Badger Project joins to talk about who is lobbying and who isn’t in Madison.

Guest: Peter Cameron

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Thanks for the Memories #12

After 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, our four-time MVP quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is headed to NYC in a long-anticipated trade. Rodgers famously entered a dark retreat in Oregon and apparently left the experience with the desire to pay a lot more for housing. Rodgers’s move from Green Bay to New York near the end of his career is reminiscent of Brett Favre’s trade to the Jets 15 years ago, which allowed a young Rodgers to take the reins at Lambeau Field.

Who won the trade though? We have to agree with Andrew Brandt that it looks like the Packers did: 

In other news, The Aaron Rodgers mural in downtown Green Bay is already gone. Beau Thomas of Trackside Design LLC posted a timelapse video Monday night that showed him painting over the mural – he captioned it “end of an era” and accompanied it with Boyz II Men’s wistful “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” is just black for now.

So, now, all eyes are on Jordan Love this fall and all we can do is: 

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Who Lobbies the Most in Madison?

We welcome back Peter Cameron, managing editor of The Badger Project – a nonpartisan, nonprofit, investigative journalism outlet in Wisconsin.  We discuss their new piece highlighting some of the biggest lobbiers in our state.

Read the article here: LOBBYING IN WISCONSIN: Seeking hundreds of millions in stadium funding, Milwaukee Brewers have boosted lobbying spending in recent years

How Much Difference Does a Penny Make?

After Oakland, California, slapped a one-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks in 2017, local sales of sweetened beverages, including soda, fruit and sports drinks, and sweetened teas, dropped nearly 27%, research released this week shows. Public health experts behind the study say that it proves even a little tax pain might help you kick your daily Mountain.

Would you notice if your favorite beverage increased in price by $.01/oz? Highly doubtful we would. 

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