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rank the supreme court justice scandals

Supreme Court Justice Scandals Ranked

With so much attention on the Supreme Court, we go through a non-exhaustive list of Supreme Court Justice Scandals since 1991.

We talk to Chelsea Chandler, Clean Wisconsin’s Climate, Air and Energy Program Manager, about the new Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin.

Guest: Chelsea Chandler

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Supreme Court Justice Scandals Ranked

What’s your #1? There are so many to choose from.

The Supreme Court has a real PR problem right now. It doesn’t help that all 9 Supreme Court justices are pushing back on oversight.

During this segment, Greg and Jane rank the 8 Supreme Court Justice Scandals Since 1991. How would you rank them?

  1. Clarence Thomas Allegedly Lying Under Oath
  2. Brett Kavanaugh Allegedly Lying Under Oath
  3. Amy Coney Barrett’s Ties to Alliance Defending Freedom
  4. Clarence Thomas’ Connections to a GOP Megadonor
  5. The Ginni Thomas of It All
  6. Samuel Alito Allegedly Leaking a 2014 Opinion
  7. Neil Gorsuch Failing to Disclose a Real Estate Deal
  8. John Roberts’ Wife Earning Millions from Big Law

The Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin

At the end of March, the Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin was announced – it’s a group of 12 environmentally focused organizations that are joining to push for local and statewide policies that prioritize improving access to clean energy and power sources. 

We talked to Chelsea Chandler, Clean Wisconsin’s Climate, Air and Energy Program Manager about the coalition, their policy goals, and what obstacles must be tackled to achieve a clean economy. 

Check out the Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin’s Website

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Dubious Second Chances

Well, if you missed out on your chance to be stranded on Great Exuma with no lodging and dodgy sandwiches back in 2017, hit up Billy MacFarland. Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland is out of prison and ready to plan another event…the sequel to his scam’s first go-around. He tweeted this month that “Fyre Fest II is finally happening.” We love an underdog story.

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