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social media curfew for minors

Social Media Curfew for Minors

The party of “personal responsibility” and “it’s not society’s responsibility to help raise your kids” now wants to help you when it comes to how much time your kids spend on social media. But child care? You’re still on your own.

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Social Media Curfew for Minors

It’s past 10pm – do you know whether or not your kids are on tiktok? Well, if a proposed social media curfew gets signed into law, you won’t have to cause the government will do that for you.

The bill would:

  1. Require minors to get their parent’s consent to even make an account
  2. Give full access to that account to the parent
  3. And Block social media access at certain hours of the night


  1. Underage social media accounts wouldn’t be searchable 
  2. direct message requests would need to be approved by parents
  3. Companies couldn’t collect data on a child’s account or target those accounts with advertising

Honestly, I do think it’s good to be talking about options because social media can be harmful to mental health and certainly there are bad people online with bad intentions. But I’m also a little confused that the calls to do this are coming from Republicans – the party of personal responsibility.  It’s not the government’s prerogative to help your house, feed and educate your children because that’s your job. But when it comes to social media, let us help you, parent. 

The Wisconsin lawmaker who introduced this said, “Our parents have had next to no tools to protect their kids from the harms of social media.” Did I miss the part where parents MUST give their kids a smartphone?  Is that a mandatory thing I should know about before I have kids?

Some of the resources we reference in our conversation:

  1. The New Dove Commercial 
  2. Killing Us Softly

Greg’s Weekly Round-Up

All the news you missed…well actually 5 stories you may have read the headlines to and skipped.

  1. Since their firing from CNN and Fox News, apparently Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson have been texting each other. This information came to light after a source close to Carlson said “Dear god, he keeps saying “Wanna see what me and my Black friend are talking about?!”
  2. McDonald’s launched their first fully automated location in Ft. Worth, TX where customers can order from a kiosk and have the food delivered on a conveyor belt. Sorry though, the shake machine is still broken. This is all part of the company’s “Accelerating the Arches” program which seeks to maximize efficiencies while doing away with pesky things like raises, health insurance, and humans.
  3. I know last week I made a joke about Assembly Speaker and Popcorn party pooper Robin Vos, but this week I do have a story about him. He sucks.
  4. Met Gala News: In a fashion anomaly, Actor and Director Olivia Wilde wore almost the exact same outfit as filmmaker and Vogue China Editor Margaret  Zhang. Both showing off a floor-length reinterpretation of a Karl Lagerfeld classic featuring a violin as the centerpiece, Wilde said “great minds” on her Instagram page. Wilde, whose dress was white and Zhang’s black also said “Hey, when you have to look stunning and only have $4200 to spend, sometimes these things happen!”
  5. In sports news, it’s official!! Aaron Rodgers is now a New York Jet. Rodgers is looking forward to bringing his style on and off the field. New teammate and wide receiver Garrett Wilson was quoted “Yeah, he keeps saying “Speaking of Jets, did you know 9/11 was an inside job!!!”
  6. In a press event Senator Ron Johnson, who, if was featured in a Marvel movie, would definitely be the bad guy, doubled down on his belief that “natural immunity” is better than vaccine immunity. The senator, who bragged about not having the covid shot can add natural immunity to the list of awful things he thinks is good like:
    • Climate change is good for Wisconsin
    • Jan. 6 Insurrectionists were tourists
    • The spinoff Joey is better than Friends
    • And finally, coconut is good.
  7. He also went on to say “Try to dispute me if you’d like, but these are the facts, also…Hail Hydra”

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