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01.03.23 – “Sober-Curious”

Damar Hamlin. Human composting. Advice for those of us doing Dry January. (0:01:00) – Damar Hamlin

  • Of all the news that was going on today in Madison and DC, it seemed everyone was instead talking about Damar Hamlin and the stories that spurred from his medical emergency Monday night during the Bengals v. Bills game.
  • Hamlin has been raising money to run a toy drive for children in his Pennsylvania hometown. In the hours following his collapse, fans found the original GoFundMe for the event (initial goal: $2,500) and contributed more than $4 million in donations. You can still donate using the link above.
(0:56:00) – Human Composting
  • Would you compost yourself? It’s now legal in New York – and Kristin couldn’t help but let the story remind her of a certain scene from Ted Lasso.
(1:32:00) – Dry January

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