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sitcom pitch competition

Sitcom Pitch Competition to David Mandel

Writer, director, and producer, David Mandel, joins to talk about his career, his investment in Wisconsin politics, and his honest reactions to our ideas for some new Wisconsin tv shows.

Guest: David Mandel

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If You Like Seinfeld, Veep or Curb, You Want to Listen to Our Interview with David Mandel

He’s written for Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He wrote the cat in the hat starring Mike Meyers and wrote and directed Eurotrip. And then he was executive producer, writer, and showrunner on arguably the most accurate political show to ever do it,  and won some Emmys along the way, Veep. 

We are lucky enough to spend a half hour with writer, producer, and director David Mandel. We talk to him about his career, and why he cares about Wisconsin politics despite being an east coaster and we even pitch him some new ideas for some Wisconsin-based TV shows. 

Be sure to check out his NEW HBO show starting in May – The White House Plumbers.

Reminder! 12 Days Until the Spring Election!

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