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should we ban participation trophies

Should we ban participation trophies?

Should we ban participation trophies and how do you feel about adding a “silent option” to your next barber appointment?

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Participation Trophies Might Be Dumb, But Do We Really Need a Legislation?

Three senators in North Carolina have introduced a bill into the local legislature that would ban participation trophies for children

The Senate bill—catchily named “An Act to Prohibit Awards In Youth Recreation  Activities of Local Governments Based Solely on Participation”—would amend North Carolina’s General Statutes to include the ban. Republicans Tim Moffitt, Bobby Hanig, and Eddie Settle sponsor it.
Apparently, according to this Vice article, our dislike of participation trophies isn’t new. An op-ed in an Ohio newspaper from 1922 decried the practice of handing out trophies to anyone who showed up to play in a high school basketball tournament.

Initiating Silent Mode

A San Francisco barbershop now offers a trim on “Silent Mode”. It is catered to shy tech workers and stoners who are too blitzed to chat.  

What service would you prefer to receive in silence? We’re cool with talking during our haircuts, chit-chatting with our Uber driver, and asking our barista how they are doing, but to the dental hygienists out there asking lots of questions – it’s going to be a one-way conversation.

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