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Shared revenua rumors

Shared Revenue Rumors

Dan Shafer joins to talk through last week’s press conference on what the potential shared revenue proposal could look like for the state and Milwaukee.

Then we talk about collaring elk calves with DNR wildlife biologist Christina Kizewski

Guests: Dan Shafer, Christina Kizewski

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I’ll Believe It When I See It

Dan Shafer from The Recombobulation Area is back to talk about the weird press conference last week that went over the Wisconsin Assembly shared revenue proposal… that doesn’t actually exist yet. 

Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly released the broad strokes of a plan Thursday that would increase state funding for communities throughout Wisconsin and let the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County increase local sales taxes.

According to Assembly Republicans, details of the plan were still being worked out and the Senate’s top GOP leader did not sound enthusiastic about the proposal. 

You can read more about what was said in the press conference and what might be in the final plan at WPR: Republicans release plan to boost local government funding, increase Milwaukee sales taxes.

Collaring Elk Calves

Christina Kizewski, DNR Wildlife Biologist, joins the show to tell us about the upcoming experience many volunteers will get when they go out to collar elk calves. They collar the calves as part of a multi-year study that produces data to help the DNR understand elk movement, breeding, and survival in Wisconsin. 

And with a face like this, it’s no wonder all the volunteer slots were taken in no time.

Polly Wanna FaceTime?

Parrots, for one species, don’t think Zoom happy hours are cringe. A new study had parrot owners in the US teach their feathered pets to use tablets to make video calls. And just like humans in the early days of lockdown, the birds felt less lonely when they could virtually hang out with one another. The parrots could choose who they wanted to ring, and the popular birds turned out to be the ones who initiated the most calls.

Don’t Throw Out Those BB&B Coupons Yet!

Big Lots and The Container Store said they would accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons that the bankrupt retailer won’t honor anymore.

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