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12.20.2022 – “Quadzilla”

Medicare Advantage. I-94 expansion hearings. Nurse Disrupted. United Performing Arts Fund.

(0:48:00) – Medicare Advantage

  • Retired Critical Care Pediatrician and member of the Wisconsin Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, Mark Neumann answers- is Medicare Advantage a scam?
  • You can connect with Wisconsin Physicians for a National Health Program on Facebook and Twitter.

(1:11:00) – I-94 expansion hearings

  • Urban Planner, self proclaimed YIMBY and overall advocate for pragmatic urbanism, Robin Palm gives insight on the I-94 expansion hearings.
  • You can connect with Robin on Twitter.

(1:32:00) – Nurse Disrupted

(2:00:02) – United Performing Arts Fund

  • Public Relations and Digital Media Senior Specialist at United Performing Arts Fund, Katie Korek talks about the shows you can still see before the end of the year.
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