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joe rogans anti woke comedy club

Public History Project and Joe Rogan’s Anti-Woke Comedy Club

Kacie Lucchini Butcher joins to talk about UW Madison’s Public History Project.

You’re never too old to procreate… but only if you’re a 93-year-old tortoise.

Joe Rogan opened a comedy club in Austin. It does not seem fun.

Guests: Greg Bach, Kacie Lucchini Butcher

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UW-Madison’s Public History Project with Kacie Lucchini Butcher

For the first segment, we are joined by Kadie Lucchini Butcher, director of The Public History Project at UW Madison

The Public History Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to uncover and amplify the voices of those who faced and overcame prejudice on campus. This multi-year effort was inspired by a campus study group’s investigation into the history of two UW-Madison student organizations in the early 1920s that shared the name of the Ku Klux Klan. In response to the study group’s findings, former Chancellor Rebecca Blank commissioned the Public History Project as one of several measures. The project’s primary goal is to ensure that all students and alumni are aware of the university’s complete history, including the accomplishments of campus community members from marginalized backgrounds whose stories may have been previously hidden or overlooked.
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Joe Rogan’s Anti-Woke Comedy Club “Finally” Opened

Head to Austin, TX for your chance to go to a comedy club that is so anti-woke that not only do they confiscate your phone they also scan your face. 

Podcaster Joe Rogan has opened his own comedy club where he and his fellow comedians are supposedly safe from the threat of “cancel culture.”

The venue, which used to be Austin, Texas’s historic “Ritz Theater,” is now called the “Comedy Mothership.” It’s said to be a passion project from the podcasting comedian, one that’s been years in the making.

The venue is alien-themed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. UFOs reportedly adorn the front entrance and lobby, and there’s a sign that warns “Hecklers Will Be Alienated.”

Rogan has said his comedy club is meant to be a place where comedians can share their humor, which some may find offensive, without fear of being “canceled.” 

We are still waiting for the list of comedians who have been canceled and can no longer get work based on something they said in an act. 

This piece by Stacey Henley for The Gamer really sums it up: Let’s All Laugh At Joe Rogan’s Anti-Woke Comedy Club.

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