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professional development day

Professional Development Day

Todd Allbaugh of The Todd Allbaugh Show joins Jane and Kristin for the first hour of today’s show. Many of the Civic Media hosts gathered in Madison on Wednesday for a professional development day. Which made us wonder: how do you typically feel about “professional development days”?

Then we run through our thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and the abortion bill the WI Assembly proposed.

And Jane picks her March Madness Bracket using one important piece of criteria: the mascot.

Guest: Todd Allbaugh

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Mandatory Professional Development Day: Good Investment of Waste of Time?

Jane and Kristin are on a field trip and doing today’s show from the Civic Media World Headquarters in Madison Wisconsin. Todd Allbaugh of the Todd Allbaugh show joins us for the first hour and we kick off the day with a question that is very topical to us since we are in town for professional development and training: How do you feel about mandatory professional development days at work? 

Professional development training is essential to personal and career growth, but how people feel about it can vary widely. Some view professional development training as a valuable investment in their future, an opportunity to learn new skills and advance their careers. Others may view it as a burden or a waste of time and resources, especially if the training is not tailored to their needs or interests. Additionally, some may feel intimidated or uncomfortable with the idea of professional development training, especially if they are required to participate in group settings or confront their weaknesses. Ultimately, how people feel about professional development training depends on their individual goals, interests, and experiences.

Headline Grab Bag

  • EPA provided new drinking water standards for forever chemicals that are, a big surprise, lower than Wisconsin’s standards.
  • Rumblings about who is going to challenge Senator Baldwin next year. Here’s a hint: he wouldn’t be caught dead without his cowboy hat. 
  • Speaking of running, Scott Walker told The New York Times he still has the ambition to run for the country’s highest office–though not in 2024.
  • Who’s got an Empire State of mind, Aaron Rodgers?
  • The Wisconsin Republican Assembly think this abortion bill will be a hail mary ahead of the Supreme Court Race but they can’t even get the Republicans in the Senate on board. 
  • The Biden administration has demanded that TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, be sold, threatening to ban the app unless it complies. Despite attempting to add data safeguards to the app, plans have been rejected by the US Committee on Foreign Investment, forcing the sale. TikTok has expressed disappointment and is considering its options.

How Do You Choose Your March Madness Bracket?

People use a variety of methods to choose their brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament, commonly known as March Madness. Some rely on careful analysis of team statistics, player matchups, and other data-driven factors. Others make their picks based on personal biases, such as their favorite teams or colors. Some choose based on historical trends, such as picking the higher-seeded team or the team with the best tournament record. Some even use more creative methods, such as picking based on team colors or flipping a coin. Ultimately, there is no one “right” way to choose a March Madness bracket, and everyone has their own unique approach.

As for Jane Matanear, she goes with “which mascot would win in a fight.” 

Listen to the segment to hear who she picks in Thursday’s matchups.

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