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“Pro-life cupcake day?”

10.4.22 – “Pro-life cupcake day?”

Edessa School of Fashion. Evers’ budget. Catching up with Francesca Hong.

21:09 – Edessa School of Fashion

  • Founder and Dean of Academics at Edessa School of Fashion, Lynne Dixon Speller talks about the first designated fashion college in the Midwest, shares what it’s like to start a college where everything has to do with fashion.
  • This school is creating curriculum dedicated to learning about inclusion and ethnic influences on the American fashion industry.

49:01 – Evers’ budget

  • Evers is facing backlash from both sides after he announces a proposal for the state budget to increase shared revenue to local governments by $91 million- including $10 million for police, fire, and EMS.
  • Despite Republicans’ messaging revolving around crime, they are taking to the Twitterverse to claim that this proposal is a political stunt.

1:30:42 – Catching up with Francesca Hong

  • Mom, Community Organizer, and Representative of Wisconsin’s 76th Assembly District, Francesca Hong sums up her first term: “I’m still feeling like we’re drinking from a fire house”.
  • Rep Hong touches on some bright spots of the last two years including improving cohesive messaging, increasing diversity in the legislature, and fighting to maintain the governor’s veto.
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