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Pigs in the Supreme Court

10.10.2022 – Pigs in the Supreme Court

Getting to know Criste Greening. Friday’s debate. What’s going on in the Supreme Court. Packers pundit playback.

(21:08) – Getting to know Criste Greening

(45:30) – Friday’s debate

  • Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson finally squared off in their first debate Friday night, discussing topics including police funding, views on abortion, and marijuana legalization.
  • With such a wide range and large number of questions, is this really a useful way to get to know the candidates?
  • You can listen to the debate on Youtube.

(1:09:30) -What’s going on in the Supreme Court

(1:29:20) – Packers pundit playback

  • Host of the Matt Ramage Show, and everyone’s favorite cockeyed Packer’s fan, Matt Ramage recaps last night’s upsetting game.
  • In typical Wisconsin fashion, Packers fans drank London bars dry.
  • You connect with Matt on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
In case you missed it, check out the absentee ballot drop box artwork.
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