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Parents Behaving Badly (Hour 1)

WIAA announcer says what we were all thinking…

A Wisconsin public address announcer took matters into his own fans to call out fan behavior after a controversial call at the end of a recent high school basketball game. Over the weekend, Germantown High School hosted the Warhawk Invitational. The scene was a game between Brookfield Central and Cedarburg. It was 77-76 and there were 7.7 seconds to play. In a scramble for a loose ball, a player grabs the ball and tries to get off a shot at the buzzer and is fouled. Fans in the stands were yelling, calling the officials names with some obscenities before a call was even made, and the announcer had his own words for them (listen below). We discuss whether or not the announcer was in the right and then talk about parents behaving badly with Kristin’s uncle, John Brey, who has some thoughts and stories on being a WIAA basketball ref.

COVID emergency is “officially” over

Yesterday, Biden told Congress that the US will end its national emergency and public health emergency declarations for COVID. The will end a ton of federal dollars going toward the pandemic (think boosters no longer being free and tests getting more expensive (stock up now). House Republicans pushed for emergency status to end immediately but the Biden administration is pushed till May 11th, 2023 saying that doing it now would create “wide-ranging chaos” for hospitals and doctors.

This COVID news dropped the same day a new study came out showing that it is the eighth most common cause of death in kids.

Is this a new side of Robin Vos?

Robin Vos really sounds a lot more amenable these days despite a smug dig here and there. He appeared on ‘Upfront’ over the weekend and sounded like a flat tax is not a hill he is going to die on and also being more open to figuring out revenue streams for not only Milwaukee but all municipalities. Granted, he did need to remind everyone what “gargantuan” mistakes local governments made in the past to get themselves in this predicament.

Spring Primary is three weeks away on February 21st

New Wisconsin GOP chair, Brian Schimming, is making an about face and is now pushing early voting. And so are we! Check out for all your voting needs ahead of the February 21st primary.

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