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01.04.23 – “Ope – Lander”

Greg Bach Humpday Wednesday. Chaos in the House? Dan Shafer. Johnny Beehner and National Trivia Day with THE Quizmaster. (0:01:00) – Will the real speaker please stand up?

  • Vibe check on how everyone’s feeling about the lack of any sort of consensus on who the next Speaker of the House will be… are you more concerned or tickled?
(0:48:00) – Play the (Evers) hits!
  • Returning champion Dan Shafer from The Recombobulation area to talk about yesterday’s Inauguration of Governor Tony Evers and the veiled threats of “bi-partisanship”. You can bet that Evers is still “jazzed as hell.
(1:32:00) – Comedian Johnny Beehner
  • We talk to comedian Johnny Beener on his comedy career and why he is T-Swifting his comedy album (i.e. re-recording it).
(1:54:00) – Ryan Wickens – Quizmaster
  • It’s National Trivia Day so we played some Wisconsin trivia with Wisconsin resident, but English Native, Ryan Wickens who is the founder & CEO of Quizmaster Trivia. Drink while you think and hire them for your next event.

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