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“Ol’ Reliable”

10.03.22 -“Ol’ Reliable”

Learning about Ginseng. UW System attempts to boost financial aid applications. Packers Pundit Playback. Milwaukee’s image: past and present.

21:47 – Learning about Gingseng

46:30 – UW System takes to social media to boost financial aid applications

  • Wisconsin ranks 38th in national FAFSA completion with approximately half of high school seniors applying for financial aid.
  • The University of Wisconsin System is pushing for more college students to apply for federal financial aid, in hopes that more lower income students will enroll in college.

1:06:10 – Packers Pundit Playback

  • Creator and host of the IKE Packers Podcast, KJ Eichstaedt recaps last night’s game, the Packers winning streak, and why he’s feeling confident about the remainder of the season: “it could be a heck of a lot worse”.

1:29:37 – Milwaukee’s image, past and present

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