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Kate Fagan On her new awesome book

Kate Fagan on Her Awesome New Book “Hoop Muses”

We talk to Kate Fagan about her awesome new book, “Hoop Muses: An Insider’s Guide to Pop Culture and the (Women’s) Game,” which you should run, not walk, to buy for all your friends who love basketball, regardless of their gender. And, as a reminder: as many prepare for Selection Sunday and the beginning of March Madness, a quick reminder that there is both a men’s and women’s tournament.

Then Chris Drosner joins us for our monthly Wisconsin Beer Chat.

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Hoop Muses: an Insider’s Guide to Pop Culture and the Women’s Game

Calling all basketball fans: run, don’t walk, to go buy Kate Fagan’s new book, “Hoop Muses: An Insider’s Guide to Pop Culture and the Women’s Game”. Kate Fagan is an Emmy-award-winning journalist and the No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of, “WHAT MADE MADDY RUN,” which was a semi-finalist for the PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sportswriting. 

HOOP MUSES is an homage to the game, bringing style and flair to all the details, moments, and people who have shaped the collective world of (women’s) hoops.

During the interview, we talk about the inspiration for the book, what stories she learned from writing it, which one would make the best movie and why women’s basketball specifically doesn’t have the same hold in pop culture the way other women’s sports do.

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The Beer Baron Returns

Chris Drosner is the executive editor of Milwaukee Magazine and author of the Beer Baron column for the Wisconsin State Journal and joins us once a month to catch us up on beer news. 

We talked about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s recent piece on “Climate change is making it harder for Wisconsin brewers to get beer ingredients”.

Basically, breweries in Wisconsin are starting to feel the effects of climate change. The report suggests that the state’s beer industry is becoming more vulnerable to extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, droughts, and heavy rainfall.

Some breweries are having trouble sourcing water, while others are seeing changes in the taste and quality of their beer due to the fluctuating weather conditions. The report calls on the industry to take action to reduce its carbon footprint and adapt to the changing climate.
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Reminder: There are 26 Days Until Wisconsin’s Spring Election.

  • See what’s on your ballot here
  • You can register to vote online until March 15th, at your minicap clerk’s office until March 31st, and in person on April 4th at your polling place. Register or check your registration here
  • Deadline to request an absentee ballot is March 30th – request yours here.

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