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12_14_23 HOUR 2

It’s My Game Ball, Dude And Dude, Where My Eggs?! (Hour 2)

In our second hour, the show welcome Dr. Kristin Lyerly for another edition of Public Cervix Announcement! In reference to yesterday, we ask the good doc about a woman and her eggs, so we hope Charlie Kirk is listening.

Then AGW’s regular sports correspondence JR Radcliffe comes in to talk everything Bucks, Packers and Badgers! Then to end out the show, Jane brings up a very specific and interesting holiday traditions from all over the world.

As always, thanks for listening, calling and texting!! We can’t do this without you and don’t forget to download the Civic Media App so you can listen, call and text from the comfort of your phone no matter where you are in the world!

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