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how do we prevent another gableman?

How Do We Prevent Another Gableman?

How do we prevent another Gableman-level embarrassment of an investigation since apparently Republicans in the Legislature don’t want to do anything about it.

Then we discuss more data proving that the “nobody wants to work anymore” is BS.

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I Guess We Don’t Want Oversight Over Taxpayer-Funded Investigations

A motion to add more oversight to investigations commissioned by the state Legislature was voted down Thursday after being introduced by Democrats in reaction to Michael Gableman’s fruitless look into purported voter fraud during the 2020 election.

The motion would have required a vote by both the Assembly and Senate to approve the hiring of investigators but was rejected with little discussion by Republicans who hold the majority in the Legislature and on the joint finance committee

But, to vote for more oversight would be publicly admitting that Robin Vos shouldn’t have this much power and that he made a mistake, so let’s keep the rules and laws as is.

Bipartisan Election Bills

The good news is that there is some movement on a slate of bills aimed at changing election rules in response to high-profile election controversies over the last three years.

This includes:

  1. Protecting local officials 
  2. Costs for special elections 
  3. What happens if a candidate is convicted of campaign finance fraud 
  4. Polling place closures
  5. Filing a complaint with the Elections commission
  6. Requiring a military IS for voting absentee 
  7. Signatures on nomination papers 
  8. Broadcasting election night proceedings

I Thought Nobody Wanted to Work?

Turns out, Wisconsin’s ‘prime working age’ labor force participation is among the best in the nation

Coach Bud is Gone

Here are potential candidates for the Milwaukee Bucks head coaching position to replace Mike Budenholzer?

Brew Quiz

See how you do on this week’s headline Brew Quiz.

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