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hot UW majors

Hot UW Majors!

(hot as in popular, not which majors have the best-looking co-eds)

Do you know the rules of recycling? This quiz can teach you. Then we talk to Jake Brandt, Director of Marketing and Communications Habitat For Humanity, about a surprise fundraiser effort. And then we discuss what majors are most popular these days.

Guest: Jake Brandt

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Post Earth Day Pop Quiz

What can go in your blue recycling bin and what can’t?  We go through a fast 8-question quiz from the Washington Post to test our knowledge and learn a few things about what you can and can’t recycle.

Take the quiz to find out the answers to the following questions: 

  • Plastic bags are recyclable, so they just go in the bin, right?
  • Do recyclables have to be totally clean and dry, or more like my-dog-licked-out-all-the-peanut-butter clean and dry?
  • Okay, no bags in the bin. Can all other plastics go in?
  • Plastic caps and bottles seem like different things, so should I leave the caps off?
  • Do I need to remove tape from boxes, staples from catalogs and windows from envelopes?
  • Cans and bottles get crushed anyway, so can I just do that myself to save space in my bin?
  • What’s the worst thing I can put in my bin?
  • Which handy slogan helps consumers know whether something should go in their recycling bin?

A Habitat for Humanity Miracle

Jake Brandt of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity joins us to tell us about an incredible windfall for the organization.  An art piece anonymously donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Franklin caught some employees’ eye. They suspected it might be worth a bit more than your run-of-the-mill donated artwork. 

It turns out, the painting was a triptych titled Green Dominance, Blue Dominance, Red Dominance, by British artist Bridget Riley

Auctioneers originally priced the value between $25-35,000. 
Listen to the interview to find out what it ended up being auctioned off for – all of which benefited Habitat For Humanity.

Hottest Majors at UW

What did you major in and what do you do for work now? How closely aligned are they?  

A lot of people gripe about the uselessness of some liberal arts degrees, but if the top ten majors at UW Madison right now are any indication, the majority of undergrads are choosing majors that could use post-graduation.

The undergraduate majors adding the most students from fall 2018 to fall 2022 are:

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