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happy 4:20

Happy 4/20 to All Who Celebrate!

How are we one of only 6 states with no program for legal THC despite 69% of Wisconsinites favoring legalization? Will this issue ever mobilize voters the way abortion has over the last 9 months?

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Wisconsin is Just One of SIX States That Doesn’t have Legal Access to Medical Marijuana

Are you for or against legalizing weed? If you are for, you are with the majority considering that, as of August 2022, 69% of Wisconsin supported marijuana legalization according to Marquette Law School Poll

And yes, Wisconsin is just one of six states that doesn’t even have legal access to ANY medical marijuana. Check out Rolling Stone’s map of The United States of Weed to see how much of an outlier we are. 

And it just doesn’t make sense. Many cities in Wisconsin have decriminalized possession of weed, including Stevens Point. And, according to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Wisconsin’s southern neighbor made $36.1 million in tax revenue last year from Wisconsin residents who traveled across the border to buy marijuana. And more than half of all cannabis sales in counties that border Wisconsin were made by Badger State residents. This doesn’t include what was spent in Michigan let alone what will be spent in Minnesota since its looking like its next.

Where do your lawmakers stand on this issue? Check out The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) report card on more than 100 Wisconsin lawmakers on how willing they are to legalize cannabis.. 

And while you’re at it – check out this interesting article from Shepherd’s Express on the origin of 4/20.

Bucks Get HOT

Game 2 on Wednesday night was a big deal for the Milwaukee Bucks. They lost the first game against the Miami Heat and their star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was out with a back injury. So, while it might be a bit much to say that it was a “must-win” game, it was definitely crucial for the Bucks to avoid falling into a 0-2 hole.

Thankfully, the Bucks brought their A-game and came out firing on all cylinders. They played with real urgency and were absolutely on fire from beyond the arc, which helped them cruise to an impressive 138-122 win. That victory evened up the seven-game series and gave the Bucks a much-needed boost.

But while the game was very fun for those of us who could watch it, not everybody could. TMJ4s James Groh explains:

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