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01.05.23 – “Groundhog Day came early…”

(0:01:00) – The number of things I could accomplish in 9 tries…

  • Jane and Kristin talk more about the embarrassment happening in DC and other headlines.

(0:48:00) – Sometimes the America’s hat has good ideas

  • A new law has taken effect in Canada banning foreign buyers from hoovering up homes in the country for the next two years.

(1:32:00) – Mark Sommerhauser from Wisconsin Policy Forum

(1:54:00) – Sharon Liese, co-director of The Flagmakers

  • THE FLAGMAKERS, a meditation on the American dream, follows workers at the country’s largest maker of American flags and flagpoles (which happens to be in Oak Creek, Wisconsin), including the refugees and immigrants who have risked everything to come to the USA. We talk to award-winning co-director Sharon Liese about finding the story, Oscar buzz, Giannis and taking the story to Broadway!

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