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Greg Bach’s last words

10.5.22 – Greg Bach’s last words

Co-host Greg Bach is back. Will you just stop? Domestic violence in Wisconsin. The Onion gets onion-y.

(7:07) – WILL you just stop?

(38:14) – Domestic violence in Wisconsin

(1:29:44) – The Onion gets onion-y

  • The Onion — a satirical publication known for poking fun at everything from popular culture to global politics — is taking a stab at a serious issue.
  • On Monday, it filed an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of an Ohio man who faced criminal charges over a Facebook page parodying his local police department.
  • Despite its sarcasm and hyperbole, the legal brief isn’t a joke. It aims to suggest shortcomings in the legal system when it comes to protecting those who use comedy to question people in positions of authority.
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