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George baileys lessons on silicon valley

George Bailey’s Lessons on Silicon Valley Bank

Eileen Newcomer, The League of Women Voters’ Voter Education Manager, joins to talk about how the League is changing strategies now that fewer and fewer Republicans will attend their forums.

A 20-year Wall Street veteran, Ben Brey, joins to explain what happened with Silicon Valley Bank and how it could affect the average consumer.

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The League of Women Voters Switches Tactics

Eileen Newcomer, the Voter Education Manager for the League of Wisconsin Voters Wisconsin, joins us to discuss how the League has changed its tactics now that fewer and fewer Republican candidates will engage with them

For 100 years, the organization has played an important role in local elections by providing voters with information on their candidates through hosting forums and conducting surveys. But in recent years, Republicans have increasingly condemned the league’s classification as a nonpartisan organization, instead calling it a left-leaning group. In turn, as more right-leaning candidates refuse to interact with the league, voters are less likely to hear directly from local candidates on the record about issues and positions.

As a result, local league and statewide committees have begun hosting strategy sessions on best practices and innovative alternatives to forums in an effort to attract candidates.

Ben Brey Explains What Happened with Silicon Valley Bank

Ben Brey, a 20 year Wall Street veteran, and Kristin’s older brother, joins the show to try to break down what happened with Silicon Valley Bank.  The best analogy he could come up with is George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful life: it was a run of the bank. 

It’s worth listening to the conversation to further understand how this could impact consumers and why it’s not considered a bail out. 

Here are some other resources on the topic: 

Reminder: There are 23 Days Until Wisconsin’s Spring Election.

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