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“Gableman the mechanical bull”

09.21.2022- “Gableman the mechanical bull”

Weekly co-host Greg Bach is back! States are banning billboards. People are getting screened for anxiety. Getting to know Brad Pfaff. National Mini Golf Day. On this day, The Hobbit was published.

0:04:57 – Should Wisconsin ban billboards?

0:23:40 – People are getting screened for anxiety

  • A panel of health experts suggests that all individuals under 65 get an anxiety screening.

0:45:06 – Getting to know Brad Pfaff

  • Candidate for Congress District 3, Brad Pfaff tells us why he’s running for Congress.

1:30:03 – It’s National Mini Golf Day!

1:50:02 – On this day, in 1937 JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit was published

  • The curator of the JRR Tolkien exhibit at Marquette University, Dr. William Fliss talks about all things Tolkien.
  • Tickets to the exhibit are on sale now until December 23, 2022!
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