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As Goes Wisconsin 1/24/23 Hour 1

“Frumpy = Equity”

The Freedom Caucus’ suicidal Fair Tax Bill

Republicans, the same Republicans who ran on reducing costs. The ones who literally filmed themselves walking around grocery stores SCOFFING at the price of everyday items. THOSE Republicans now want all income, capital gains, estate, gift, corporate, and payroll taxes would to be eliminated and be replaced by a flat 30 percent national sales tax on everything you buy. Check out the Fair Tax bill sponsored by Georgia Republican, Buddy Carter. It has no chance of passing but it should be interesting to see the Freedom Caucus members sell this to the average American. 

Tech layoffs the size of Brookfield

Last week was a brutal week for tech layoffs. Google parent company Alphabet became the latest tech giant to conduct mass layoffs, beginning to let go of 12,000 employees (~6% of its workforce) last week.  In fact, in addition to Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon also announced job cuts.  In a single week, the three biggest tech companies in the world cut 40,000. That’s like laying off all of Brookfield.

A silver lining about Wisconsin’s worker’s shortage

Whether or not the tech layoffs are an indicator of a looming US recession, the one silver lining of Wisconsin’s labor shortage is that it might actually insulate us from a recession.

Although, one worker shortage may be a “Constitutional Crisis”

The State Bar of Wisconsin is calling the shortage of prosecutors and public defenders a “constitutional crisis” that could lead to the erosion of the right to a fair and speedy trial.  I wonder how those who are the most adamant about “being hard on crime” are willing to pay more in taxes so we can pay prosecutors and public defenders enough to actually attract recently graduated law students to those jobs? 

Thanks Tucker

Apparently, we can’t have nice things like M&M’s spokescandies because of Tucker Carlson doesn’t find the Green one sexy anymore. M&M’s announced yesterday that it’s sending its colorful cast of candy characters into “indefinite” retirement because these days,  “even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing.”




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