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Flamethrowers vs. Bed Bugs

9.26.2022 – “Flamethrowers vs. Bed Bugs”

Wauk-tober Beer and Wine Walk. Wisconsin Bug Guy. This week’s Packers pundit playback. Laura Lyons is back.

20:55 – Wauk-tober Beer and Wine Walk

  • Robin Grams (City Of Waukesha Community Development Department) gives us the details of this year’s Wauk-tober Beer and Wine Walk: a night out in downtown Waukesha featuring local beers and businesses.

45:21- PJ Leisch: The Bug Guy

1:05:30 – This week’s Packers pundit playback

1:29:40 – Welcoming back Laura Lyons

Music from today’s show can be found on As Goes Wisconsin’s Spotify playlist.

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