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Election Day Eve

Election Day Eve

Is taunting your opponent in college sports part of the game or classless? We kick off the hour talking about the LSU and Iowa women’s championship NCAA tournament. Kristin’s take? It’s good for the sport.

This is your reminder to send those texts to ALL of your friends and family to remind them to vote tomorrow. Don’t assume anyone knows there is an election.

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Is Taunting Your Opponent in College Sports “Classless”?

We start by talking about the thrilling end of the NCAA women’s basketball championship between LSU and Iowa. 

It’s been a long road for Iowa and LSU. Over the weekend, Iowa knocked out defending champions South Carolina, and LSU sent Virginia Tech home. All eyes were on Iowa guard Caitlin Clark, who became the first D1 women’s player to record more than 900 points and 300 assists in the same season. 

But LSU ultimately beat out Iowa for the title. In the highest-scoring championship game ever, Jasmine Carson and the Tigers’ electric offense overpowered Iowa 102–85, ending Caitlin Clark’s historic tournament run. 

But that’s not the only story people were talking about at the end of the game.  What a lot of people wanted to talk about was the John Cena taunt Angel Reese has for Caitlin Clark in the final minutes of the game:

And while a lot of people wanted to immediately call Angel classless for the move, there were plenty of people who immediately responded that the (white) darling of the tournament, Caitlin Clark, has been doing some taunting of her own the whole tournament:

Now it seems like the whole internet has a take on how these girls should be or shouldn’t be acting on the court. 

But Kristin’s take is: this is what 30 for 30 origin stories are made of. These are two of the best players in their age group who will spend their careers playing against and with each other at every level: college, WNBA, and potentially even together on Team USA someday. 

This is the kind of narrative that bring attention to the game. That creates sports characters we root for and root against. We just aren’t used to women being at the center of the storylines. 

But for the first time maybe ever, the whole internet was talking about the women’s championship NCAA game, and we say, a win is a win.

There’s An Election Tomorrow?

The year’s biggest election is tomorrow and it’s here (just ask the New York times). 

The weather is likely going to suck tomorrow in southern Wisconsin, so if you have not voted yet, make a plan to vote early so you don’t get rained out after work. 
Speaking of weather… Republicans decided to make an early April Fool’s joke on Friday when they took advantage of the tornado warnings and send a sketch text message out to Wisconsin voters. MJS reports:

As southern Wisconsin braced for a tornado watch Friday afternoon, conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Dan Kelly and the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued its own emergency alert warning voters not to elect liberal Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz on Tuesday.

The text message included a video that used alert tones and a scratchy radio voice found on official emergency alerts aired on television and radio. The screen read, “*** Emergency Alert System ***” and “Wisconsin Voter Alert” on the backdrop of differently colored bars that sometimes appears on screen when TV programming is interrupted. After three beeps, a voice says, “This is a State of Wisconsin voter alert. Attention citizens: our Second Amendment rights are under attack by Judge Janet Protasiewicz.

And then Republican Party of Wisconsin executive director Mark Jefferson had the audacity to say that Democrats were trying to stifle “free speech” by calling this out. 

Finally, don’t assume everyone in your life knows there is an election tomorrow. Take it from Kristin:


Just cause youvtweet about it, doesnt mean they read about it. Send 5 texts to people who might have forgotren that #wisconsin has an #election tuesday. #janetprotasiewicz #dankelly #wisconsinlife #wisconsinelection

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1 Day Until the Election!

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