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Eau Claire's Nipple Factory

Eau Claire’s Own Nipple Factory

We talk to Justin Superstar Johnson about his new documentary, “Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory“, ahead of its world premiere at the opening night film of the Milwaukee Film Festival.

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“Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory” Director Justin Superstar

We talk to Justin Superstar, the director of the documentary, “Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory”, ahead of its world premiere as the opening night film for the 2023 Milwaukee Film Festival.

Please watch this trailer and try not to cry:

It is a heartwarming and surprising Wisconsin story. The film takes place in Eau Claire and is told from Justin’s perspective, who grew up there and shares the unbelievable story of his parents and family:

“After his wife Randi survives breast cancer and a mastectomy, Brian Johnson, a serial entrepreneur and tinkerer, embarks on an extraordinary journey to help her feel complete. From a bedroom in Eau Claire, WI, director Justin “Justinsuperstar” Johnson’s parents pursue the perfect prosthetic nipple, transforming what began as an intimate labor of love into a “factory” with the power to change thousands of survivors’ lives in this fascinating tale of resilience, dignity, and family.”

Netflix is Ending its Mail-In Service

Netflix announced yesterday that it would stop mailing DVD rentals—the business that started it all 25 years ago. 

We reflect on how Netflix changed the game. We find out, unsurprisingly, that Greg Bach worked at a Blockbuster, and discuss other companies that have come along in the 21st century and totally changed the way we do things. 

What product or service has made the biggest change for you?

Finally, here is some Netflix DVD rental facts as we say goodbye courtesy of Morning Brew: 

  • An estimated 1.1 million–1.3 million people subscribed to the DVD service last year, generating $145.7 million in revenue for Netflix (not the worst biz).
  • The first DVD Netflix ever sent was Beetlejuice in 1998.
  • The most frequently requested DVD was The Blind Side.

Gwen La Roka Is At The Laughing Tap

Go check out Gwen La Roka at The Laughing Tap this weekend.

Here is the clip we couldn’t play a lot of on air:

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