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I remember my first vinyl

Earth Day and Vinyls (I Remember My First Vinyl)

Tomorrow is both Earth Day and Record Store Day – so we spend the hour talking about ways you can support the Earth and your local indie record store.

Guest: Dan Schneiderman

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Ahead of Earth Day: What Changes Have You Made in Your Life to Be More Eco-Conscious?

We discuss what changes we have made in our lives to try to do our part when it comes to the environment. If you’re looking are ways to volunteer tomorrow for Earth Day, look no further: Earth Day 2023: Milwaukee River Spring Cleanup and more ways to volunteer

Record Store Day!

Earth Day is tomorrow but so is Record Store Day! We talk to Dan Schneiderman, owner of Vinyl Vault Records located in downtown Waukesha, about his store, the value of records, and what kind of crowds he is expecting tomorrow (hint: beware of the Swifties).


Check out the other local indie record stores you can go support!

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