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Dr. Mike is back to fix your life and lineup

09.22.22 – Should Wisconsin introduce referendums?

Dr. Mike is back. Evers and the special session. The Community. Getting to know Jessica Katzenmeyer.

21:00 – Dr. Mike is back to to fix your life and your lineup

  • Dr. Mike answers questions about all things life and fantasy football.

46:15 -Governor Evers calls for a special session

  • Gov. Evers calls lawmakers into session to take up a constitutional amendment allowing referendums.
  • The push from Evers could allow people to vote on abortion access.

 1:06:13 -The Community

  • Executive Director of The Community, Shannon Ross talks about how the organization aims to help those with criminal records reach their full potential.
  • Listen to the podcast partnership between The Community and the Milwaukee School of Engineering University Scholars Honors Program, “All In All Out.”

1:29:46 – Getting to know Jessica Katzenmeyer

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