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hot flash relief tips

Dr. Kristin Lyerly on Hot Flash Relief Tips

Dr. Kristin Lyerly is here for another Public Cervix Announcement.

And then we talk to Shawn Phettaplace and Sarah Piepenburg about Minnesota’s Paid Leave program and what Wisconsin can learn from that accomplishment.

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Public Cervix Announcement

Dr. Kristin Lyerly is back to talk about Women’s Health. This week we tackle: 

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Paid Leave in Minnesota

We don’t make it a habit of being jealous of Minnesota, but they keep passing legislation that makes it hard to not think the grass looks a little greener over there. 

Minnesota is on its way to passing a revolutionary paid leave and medical act.  We talk to Sarah Piepenberg, owner of Vinaigrette and Minnesota leader with Main Street Alliance, and Shawn Phetteplace, Interim Organizing and Policy Director, of Main Street Alliance about what it took to get it done in Minnesota. 

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