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Don’t Bill Me For Your Mistake

Don’t Bill Me For Your Mistake

Who is on the hook when there is an accounting or billing error? The organization that made the error, whether that’s your employer or a utility company or even an academic institution? Or the person who is the recipient of the bill? That’s the question being asked at UW-Oshkosh right now after a group of Executive MBA graduates say they shouldn’t have to repay more than $55,000 in total charges they received months after graduation due to a campus billing error. While the university says the former students should have known they were undercharged and it’s obligated to collect. In the second half of the hour we Recombobulate with Dan Shafer about his time in the media room at last week’s debate, his thoughts on Vos’ impeachment threats of Protasiewicz, and Giannis’ statements about his extension.

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