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“Die hard is not a Christmas movie”

12.07.2022 – “Die hard is not a Christmas movie”

It’s Greg Bach Wednesday! Prison Dog Program. The Moon will eclipse Mars. Door County Candle helps Ukraine.

(1:11:00) – Prison Dog Program

  • Director of Training and one of the founders for Journey Together Service Dog, Brenda Cirricione talks about the Prison Dog Program and star of the show- Penny.
  • You can connect with Brenda on Facebook.
  • Check out the Ted Talk about the program.

(1:32:00) – The Moon will eclipse Mars

  • Planetarium Director at theMilwaukee Public Museum, Bob Bonadurer talks about a rare cosmic sighting- the Moon will eclipse Mars.
  • You can connect with Bob and the Milwaukee Public Museum Planetarium on Twitter and Facebook.

(2:00:06) – Door County Candle helps Ukraine

  • Ukraine needs light, Door County Candle wants to help. Christiana Trapanitells us all about it.
  • You can connect with Door County Candel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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