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debunking myths about foster care

Debunking Myths About Foster Care

We talk to Oriana Carey CEO of The Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families for National Foster Care Month.

Guest: Oriana Carey

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May is National Foster Care Month

National Foster Care Month recognizes the important role that members from all parts of child welfare play in supporting children, youth, and families. We talk to Oriana Carey the Chief Executive Officer of The Coalition for Children, Youth and Families to talk about the work the organization does to provide resources and support through every stage of a family’s foster care, kinship, or adoption experience. 

We also discuss the difference between foster care, kinship, and adoption, what it takes to become a foster parent, and debunk some of the myths about the foster care system. 

What Would You Do?

We found this question submitted to NYTimes. How would you handle working with a yappy dog?

I love dogs. I work in a small, eight-person office. Two people bring their dogs. The dogs bark incessantly, and their owners respond with baby talk. I’m not sure what is more annoying. I can speak with the office manager, but I’m afraid of seeming awful. I’m only in 18 hours a week and keep convincing myself that I can deal, though it means wearing noise-canceling headphones all the time (and even those don’t block the sound).

Once, one of the dogs wound up under my table barking and nearly gave me a heart attack. It’s a young office, and I’m the only older one with a kid. I keep imagining how these women would feel if I brought in an infant and they had to listen to crying and baby-talk all day. Help.

Anonymous, New York City

Milwaukee Isn’t The Only One with a Kia Problem

The NYPD, a police force with a budget that dwarfs that of some countries’ militaries, is pushing a new solution to protect your ~$25k investment in a Kia or Hyundai: a $29 Apple AirTag. In response to the rash of thefts stemming from TikTok videos showing how easy these cars are to steal, the city is giving away 500 AirTags to residents of certain areas.

The police are hoping that the devices can track down stolen vehicles like they do misplaced keys. Of the 4,500 cars reported stolen in NYC this year so far, 966 were Kias or Hyundais, up from just 147 in all of 2022, according to the force’s chief of patrol.

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