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Chocolate walnut cookies

10.6.22 – Chocolate walnut cookies

Dr. Mike is back. Alcoholism in Wisconsin. Why, Dan Shafer? Getting to know Leah Spicer. One in Four Project.

(44:58) – Alcoholism in Wisconsin

  • Senior editor at Madison Magazine and Author, Maggie Ginsberg shares her new book, Still True, which tells a story about family secrets and alcoholism in a fictional, rural Wisconsin town.
  • Maggie unpacks her own (and her character’s) complicated relationship with alcohol and her road to recovery, emphasizing the importance of this representation in books and television.
  • Check out Maggie’s upcoming events and connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

(1:05:39) – Why, Dan Shafer?

(1:30:11) – Getting to know Leah Spicer

  • Farmer, restaurant owner, clerk of her town board and the Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s 51st assembly district, Leah Spicer talks about why she’s running for assembly.

(1:50:13) – One In Four project

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