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can the rnc not handle culture

Can the RNC Not Handle a Little Culture?

In advance of the 2024 RNC, a Milwaukee convention center director decided to destroy a potentially MAGA-triggering public display of literary art. We get into the saga.

Then we discuss that AI-generated Republican attack ad and AI’s role in 2024 election will be.

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AI-Generated Ads Are Here

After President Biden announced his reelection bid yesterday morning, the Republican National Committee swiftly responded with an attack ad. The video asked “What if the weakest president we’ve ever had were re-elected?” and then…imagined the answer.

It got help from artificial intelligence. The 30-second video used generative AI tools to create images and video of The Last of Us-looking scenes, including one where the army is occupying San Francisco because the city had supposedly been overtaken by crime and fentanyl. The RNC told Axios that it’s the first video the organization has created using AI.

The video is likely just the start of a 2024 presidential race heavily influenced by AI. While political campaigns have used AI tools to help canvass voters for years, recent breakthroughs in generative AI (like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other programs) have taken the tech to a whole new level of realism.

This turns the conversation towards a different question: What laws would you put into place to alter political campaign ads?  Trigger warnings for graphic language or images? Time limits? Accuracy?  

It’s never going to happen, but we can dream.

What’d We Miss Greg?

Headlines we missed according to Greg Bach:

  1. Sen. Ron Johnson told a panel of reporters on Monday that Wisconsin Republicans “need to give people a reason” to vote for them after losing 14 of the last 17 statewide elections” to which Wisconsin Republicans said, “yes…we know..give us a reason…give us ANY reason, we’re begging you!!”
  1. Donald Trump says his new book “Letters To Trump”, which as it sounds is just a collection of letters OTHER people have sent to the twice impeached perv in chief has reached number 1 on Amazon. It hasn’t…it’s not even on the top 20, which he has somehow blamed on Hilary Clinton. Sidenote, a suggested purchase when you click on it is a memoir of Alexander Mikhailovic, a grand duke of Russia.
  1. Fired Fox News Host and professional melted snowflake, Tucker Carlson seems to have an interested party in hiring him and that party is Russia State Media, who invited Tucky C. to come work over there any time he wanted, which was confusing for the former bow tie enthusiast as Tucker thought that’s who he was working for the entire time.
  1. In Wisconsin news, Assembly Speaker and Popcorn King Robin Vos, is still a jerk
  1. Following Welsh Soccer team Wrexham’s promotion to the fourth tier English Football League, co-owner Ryan Reynolds left behind a gift for fans at nearby pub, The Turf, that gift being 40 bottles of whiskey made by Reynolds’ other business venture Aviation American Gin. What makes this story so amazing is that each bottle costs $1000 and I’m only reporting on this story to say if you’re listening, Ryan…feel free to buy the Brewers anytime you and the official pub is The Laughing Tap.
  2. Former New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has left behind government life in exchange for university life as she will now be attending school in Cambridge, Massachusetts under two fellowship programs and we can all look forward to her working into every conversation that she went to Hahhhhhhvard.

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