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Budget Progression

Budget Progression

The Republicans are set to strip more than 500 items from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ two-year, $104 billion state spending plan, a lot of which seems popular. We ask what your single most important issue is that you want to see funded.

And we end the house with some good news on the PFAs front: Engineers develop a water filtration system that permanently removes ‘forever chemicals’.

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What’s the Single Most Important Issue for the Next Budget?

Republicans who control the Legislature’s budget-writing committee plan to strip out more than 500 items from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ two-year, $104 billion state spending plan.

Read more about the couple items that will be left in and the laundry list of what will be left out in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Republican lawmakers set to strip out more than 500 items from Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed state budget.

News Round Up

Colorado governor signs 4 major gun bills, drawing White House applause

Some Good News on PFAS Filtration

Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new water treatment that removes “forever chemicals” from drinking water safely, efficiently – and for good. “Think Brita filter, but a thousand times better,” says UBC chemical and biological engineering professor Dr. Madjid Mohseni, who developed the technology. To remove PFAS from drinking water, Dr. Mohseni and his team devised a unique adsorbing material that is capable of trapping and holding all the PFAS present in the water supply.

The PFAS are then destroyed using special electrochemical and photochemical techniques, also developed at the Mohseni lab and described in part in a paper published recently in Chemosphere.

The UBC team is preparing to pilot the new technology at a number of locations in B.C. starting this month. 

I volunteer Wisconsin as tribute for the next pilot.

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