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Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford and His Acting Career

Actor, producer, and activist, Bradley Whitford joins for the first half hour to talk acting and Wisconsin politics. It got lively.

Then we discuss our general obsession with rich people’s problems, whether it’s fictional shows like White Lotus or the real-life dramas of the Gwyneth Paltrow skiing trial.

Guest: Bradley Whitford

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Bradley Whitford

The one, the only, Bradley Whitford joins us for the first half of the hour to talk about his acting career, being from Wisconsin, and his continued engagement with the political scene here. 

It’s hard to summarize the energy and you should probably just go watch it on the youtube link below.

Why Do We Love Watching Rich People’s Problems

It seemed like everyone but Jane and Kristin were glued to the Gwenyth Paltrow trial for the last two weeks.  But alas, we couldn’t even full avoid hearing about it in the news cycle.  Which begs the question: why are we so obsessed with the trials, tribulations and drama of the rich and famous?  Whether its fictional shows like White Lotus or Succession, or the real life drama on reality shows or apparently, celebrity trials.  Is it because we can kind of look down on them and their trivial spats? Is it cause we envy that kind of access and wealth? It is because they feel like characters in and of themselves? 

Either way, according to Kieran Culkin, one thing we should know about billionaires is that they don’t need coat:


Now accepting designer coat donations from the Roys #KieranCulkin #Succession #billionaire

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1 Day Until Election

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