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Boycott er no?

Boycott er no?

There’s been a lot of discussion in the Milwaukee area over where Moms for Liberty is or is not hosting their events in conjunction with the Republican debate next week. They will be having an event at the Pfister, owned by Marcus Corp, which received backlash for hosting them from the left. And they will NOT be hosting an event at the Italian Community Center, which received backlash from the right for now hosting them. Whether you like it or not, with the RNC coming to Milwaukee in 2024, local businesses are going to open their doors (or not open their doors) to organizations that you may not agree with. We spend most of the first hour discussing what responsibility businesses have when it comes to hosting or not hosting controversial groups and whether or not it “fair” to boycott them when they do. It’s also National Tell a Joke Day, so we spent the whole show sprinkling in our jokes and jokes from our listeners. W

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