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biden wants airlines to pay up

Biden Wants Airlines to Pay For Your Travel Headaches

Should the airlines be on the hook for inconveniences? Biden (and Kristin) say, “Yes!”

We talk Teacher Appreciation Week with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jill Underly

Guest: Dr. Jill Underly

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Biden Proposes New Airline Passenger Protections

Good news for weary travelers: The Biden administration is planning to propose new rules that would require cash compensation for flyers when airlines are responsible for a cancellation or lengthy delay.

This will be a first for US-based airlines: Refunds for canceled flights are federally required, but no major carrier offers extra cash for the inconvenience. Only JetBlue and Alaska Airlines currently guarantee compensation of any kind beyond a refund—and it’s in the form of frequent flyer miles or vouchers.

We will see how this plays out if it actually happens, and how the airlines try to pass the price back onto consumers via ticket prices or making you jump through 10,000 hoops to get your compensation but for now, we are saying:

Brace Yourself For A Summer of Air Travel Hell

But maybe you should just avoid flying entirely this summer if you can. Airlines, aviation officials, and the TSA are all telegraphing an alarming message for travelers: Flying is shaping up to be an absolute nightmare this summer.

Teachers Need Appreciation AND Action (With Guest Dr. Jill Underly)

Dr. Jill Underly, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, joins the show to discuss Teacher Appreciation Week and her newest op-ed, Appreciation is not enough: Action is required.  We talk about the importance of this budget for K-12 schools as they face a lack of funding and increased needs in a variety of different areas (operations, staffing, mental health, nutrition, etc.). And finally, we confirm that teachers are awful at self-promotion. 

Check out this NBC15 coverage of when Dr. Underlie appeared before a Student Finance Committee at Mount Horeb high school.

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