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Biden Pardons

10.7.22 – Biden Pardons

Marijuana pardons. Waukesha Unlocked. The History of WFHR.

(15:10) – Marijuana pardons

  • Biden pardons federal marijuana offenders and five states have legalization measures on their ballots in November. But what does this mean for Wisconsin?
  • 19 States have legalized recreational marijuana and 38 states have legalized it for medical use. Wisconsin is on neither of those lists.
  • New reports suggest that marijuana legalization has curbed binge drinking.

(22:03) – Waukesha Unlocked

  • Assistant to the Mayor and City Administrator, Rebecca Pederson tells us about the Waukesha Unlocked Event.
  • Back for it’s second year, this event offers over 90 different activities including art, architecture, history, and children’s activities. There’s something for everyone!

(45:06) – The History of WFHR

  • Since 1940, WFHR has been an “information station” with the goal of getting nonpartisan facts to the general public.
  • James Malouf shares what it’s like to have these conversations in such a divisive political climate.
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