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battle of the badges

Battle of the Badges

Brands allow customers to opt out of Mother’s Day marketing and Brewer’s selling beer in the 8th inning is already over.

Then we talk to Joe Flick, Lydia Riviera, and Otto Ohlson about this Saturday’s first Battle of the Badges – Milwaukee’s Finest v. Milwaukee’s Bravest go head to head in a boxing match.

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Brands Allow Customers to Opt Out of Mother’s Day Marketing

More brands are now offering a way to stop the flood of Mother’s Day marketing emails, sparing customers who don’t want them from potentially bittersweet messages or even painful reminders.

Mother’s Day can be difficult for a host of reasons — the loss of a family member or infertility, for example. By introducing the possibility of opting out from receiving promotional materials, companies are prioritizing empathetic communications over potential flash sale profits.

What seasonal or holiday marketing campaigns would you opt out of?

Milwaukee Brewers Announced They’ll Once Again Stop Sales After 7th

Swing and a miss –  After a month-long trial run selling alcoholic beverages into the 8th inning, the Milwaukee Brewers announced they’ll once again stop sales after the 7th. The MLB says the change errs “on the side of caution and practicality,” citing the vast majority of sales still happen before the 8th.

Speaking of beer, how expensive is Brewer Beer compared to other stadiums? How about our hot dogs? USA Today investigates.

Milwaukee Finest vs. Milwaukee’s Bravest


Battle of the badges. This Saturday it’s Milwaukee’s Finest vs. Milwaukee’s Bravest in…. Boxing. 

We talk to firefighter Joe Flick, Officer Lydia Riviera, and Otto Ohlson, owner of Dropout Fight Club about Saturday’s big event. 

A clash of the shields where all proceeds will be going to two amazing Milwaukee charities:

  1.  Milwaukee Police Association Fallen Heroes INC. has one goal – to assist law enforcement officers, especially those with the Milwaukee Police Department as well as their dependents, in the event of an officer’s death, injury, disability, or extraordinary need. 
  2. Ignite The Spirit-Milwaukee is a 100% volunteer-driven nonprofit founded by firefighters to support firefighters and their families in times of need.

Tickets are sold out but you can still “place your bets” (donate) to either corner and Individuals:


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